Fivestar to Present the Holy Grail of Dunks Challenge

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Fivestar to Present the Holy Grail of Dunks Challenge
Docuseries to Feature World’s Three Best Basketball Dunkers Competing for a $15,000 Prize


Hanover, MD (2/2/2023) — Sports technology startup Fivestar and Team Flight Brothers have joined forces to present the “Holy Grail of Dunks,” a contest featuring the three best basketball dunkers in the world – Jonathan L. Clark IV, Isaiah Riviera, and Jordan Southerland – all competing for $15,000 to complete a double-eastbay dunk on a regulation, 10-foot rim. Considered the pinnacle of dunks, the double-eastbay has never been done on a regulation height rim.


To track this historic event, Fivestar and Team Flight Brothers will release a five-part docuseries narrated by dunk specialist, NBA dunk coach, and Team Flight Brothers owner, Chuck Millan. In it, Millan discusses the history of the double-eastbay and why it’s considered the Holy Grail of dunks. The docuseries will also follow each dunker on their training journey in pursuit of the double-eastbay and will ultimately capture one athlete’s completion of the dunk.


“The double-eastbay is part of the evolution of the dunk. This dunk is our Holy Grail and will be the most difficult dunk ever done to date,” says Millan. “We have three of the best dunkers that have ever lived committed to making this dunk. I believe it will happen sooner rather than later.”


The Holy Grail of Dunks docuseries and exclusive content will be available on the Fivestar App, the world’s first and only sports highlight rating mobile app. Fivestar has also partnered with Dunk Media to share the docuseries across its social media network of more 10 million followers.


“There’s never been a dunk contest like this before or an event presented to the world in such a way,” says Erin McNeally, CEO, Fivestar. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with Team Flight Brothers and Dunk Media to bring the Holy Grail of Dunks to sports lovers everywhere, and we’re looking forward to witnessing one this incredible milestone.”


Sports agency, State of Grind’s Founder, Josh Gotthelf adds, “In 130 years of basketball, no one has successfully completed this elusive dunk. These three athletes are on the verge of making history.”


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